Dog Walking

1 Dog/ Visit      $21
2 Dogs/Visit     $25
3 Dogs/Visit     $30


Pet Sitting

Species Per Visit Overnight (your home) Sleepover (our home)
1 Dog $21 $65 / night Starting at $65 / night
2 Dogs $25 $65 / night Starting at $65 / night
3 Dogs $35 $75 / night $75 / night
4 Dogs $40 $100 / night N/A
Cats, Rabbits, Birds,
Small Mammals 
$21 $45 / night $25 / night
3 or more $35 $55 / night $45 / night


** Per Household designates care of all pets plus basic house-sitting.  House-sitting without a pet present is not permitted or covered under insurances. **

** Dogs utilizing sleep-over services in the caregiver’s home must provide up-to-date kennel cough vaccination records.**

ADDITIONAL FEES and Exceptions

Effective:  January 1, 2019

*Looking for a service that is not listed? Just ask! All caregivers are uniquely experienced, thus services and fees are subject to change. Please consult your caregiver.*

* Discretionary Fees:  Some circumstances may require a fee adjustment. *

  1. Medication Stop-overs: $20, unless special circumstances or multiple animals involved.
  2. Excessive Indoor Accident Fee: In the case of excessive indoor accidents, such as vomit, urination, defecation, or an outside-the-litter-box/cage accident, a $10-20 clean-up fee may be levied.
  • Especially if the animal(s) is a repeat offender.
  1. Puppy / Advanced Senior Care: A fee increase may be applied at the discretion of the IC, with management approval, when walking / sitting puppies or advanced seniors.
  2. Vet Visits: $25 / Hour
  3. Pick-Ups / Drop Offs: $25 / Hour
  4. Daycare:
    1. Full Day (5 hours or more): $35 / dog
    2. Half Day (less than 5 hours): $25 / dog

PLEASE NOTE:  The Happy Pet Caregivers does not charge for EMERGENCY pet care for up to 36 hours.  This is for HUMAN EMERGENCIES, such as an accident, surgery, death of client, etc.  Management must be notified for approval if this circumstance arises.  This does NOT include last-minute, or otherwise, vacation changes or for family-related things such as a death-in-the-family (other than the client’s death).

Farm Animals

All farm animals approximately the size of one of the domestic animals should be treated fee-wise the same as the domestic animal, except, when much more work is involved.

Chickens should be treated as a group of birds; Pigs as dogs, etc.

No more than two horses or cattle should be taken on by one associate, unless you are very experienced.

Fees should start at $30/ visit.  Final fees shall be decided during the initial Meet-and-Greet.

    Happy Pets