All fees are negotiable and depend on the amount of care needed

Our visit rates are flexible and based on the type of animal, number of animals, amount of care, and frequency of visits. The duration and cost of a visit are established at the first free-of-charge “meet and greet”.

Dog walking and Pet Sitting

Dogs and parrots (any large bird): $22 per visit for one dog or parrot, $25 for two animals, $30 for three.
Cats, rabbits, or other small mammals: $22 for one pet or two, $25 for three or four pets.
All other animals, smaller birds, reptiles, amphibians, and farm animals are based on the number and amount of care needed.


In our home begins at $35/day. For day-care in your home, please see per visit or long-term fees.

Medication stop-overs

$12 per visit (usually no more than 10 minutes). The fee may increase depending on the difficulty of administering medication.


In your home are $60 for up to two pets and $65 for three or more.


In our home are $45 for one dog and $50 for two.

Emergency Care

If someone has a personal health emergency, The Happy Pet Caregivers offer 36 hours of free emergency care for the individual’s pet/s.

Long-term care

Is where the associate does not leave the pet alone within the given time-frame.

  • The cost for long-term (all day-time) care (8-9 hours) where we do not leave your pet/s on their own is $80 ($10/hr.)
  • When 12-hour (daytime) care is expected with the same stipulations as all-day care, the fee is $140/12-hour period
  • A full 24-hours of care with the same stipulations as with all-day care, the fee is $200/24-hr

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