Walks and Visits

Walks and visits are generally 30 to 60 minutes and/or are customized to you and your pet’s needs. These walks and visits are scheduled in advance at your first meeting (the meet and greet) with your caregiver.


Services in which the caregiver stays overnight in your home. This service includes 3-4 visits during the day to walk, feed, play and cuddle with your pet in addition to the overnight care. This service should be booked well in advance.

Medication Visit

A visit to medicate an animal during a client’s unavailability.


AKC Canine Good Citizen
AKC Star Puppy
Basic Obedience
Fear Aggression
Leash Walking
Private Sessions

Pet Sitting

Can be coordinated on a daily, weekly, weekend, monthly or on a customized schedule.

Emergency Services

The Happy Pet Caregivers does not charge for EMERGENCY pet care for up to 36 hours.  This is for HUMAN EMERGENCIES, such as an accident, surgery, death of client, etc. This does NOT include last-minute, or otherwise, vacation changes or for family-related things such as a death-in-the-family (other than the client’s death).

Puppy/Advanced Senior Care

Does your puppy or senior dog need more frequent visits and specialized care? We are here to accommodate their routine schedules for comfort.

Pet Transportation

Pick ups and drop offs, vet visits, transportation to appointments, etc.


This too is a full overnight service but at the caregiver’s home with the caregiver’s own pets. All the convenience of a kennel but, with all the comforts and love of home. No more than two client dogs may participate in one home at one time. This service should be booked well in advance.

Farm Care

We offer experienced care for your farm animals as well domestic pets.


Looking for a service that is not listed? Just ask! All caregivers are uniquely experienced, thus services and fees are subject to change. Please consult your caregiver.
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