Walks and Visits

Walks and visits last generally 30 to 60 minutes and/or are customized to you and your pet’s needs. These walks and visits are scheduled in advance at your first meeting (the meet and greet) with your primary caregiver. Long term and regular contracts are discounted.


These are full overnight services in which the caregiver stays overnight in your home. This service includes 3-4 visits during the day to walk, feed, play and cuddle with your pet in addition to the overnight care. This service can be booked for as long as needed and should be booked well in advance.

Medication Visit

This may be a visit to medicate an animal during a client’s unavailability.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting can be set up on a daily, weekly, weekend, monthly or on a customized schedule. Long term contracts of over two weeks or fourteen days will be given discounts.

Drop in

Drop ins are done for our and your assurance that all is well. In the case of a thunder storm, power outage, or a sick animal, etc. we may drop in to make sure all is well. These visits are at our discretion. There is no charge for this visit.

Long-term Care

Is suggested when a pet needs more than the typical overnight (3-4 visits per day + the overnight) or the pet needs concentrated all-day care. Long-term care is the one-to-one care needed for some puppies/kittens, older, ill or needy animals. The associate does not leave the pet alone within the given time-frame.

Day Care

Day care may be pre-arranged with your personal primary caregiver.


This too is a full overnight service but at the caregiver’s home with the caregiver’s own pets (if applicable). All the convenience of a kennel but, with all the comforts and love of home. No more than two client dogs may participate in one home at one time. This service can be booked for as long as needed and should be booked well in advance.

Pet Saver First Aid, CPR and other Classes

A variety of classes on First Aid and CPR, as well as pet health and welfare, are offered to clients, communities, private and professional groups.

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