Pet & Vet Form

Please review the POLICIES & PROCEDURES document.

Veterinarian Authorization 

This form will be retained on file and will be used to authorize urgent veterinary treatment only in the event that your pet(s) requires such treatment during your absence. The lower portion is in the event your veterinarian is unavailable and/or we are unable to contact you for other instructions.

Should you change your veterinarian please notify us as soon as possible.

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Pet & Vet Information Form

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Is your pet completely housebroken / litter trained? YesNo

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Does your pet get treats? YesNo

Is your pet food motivated? YesNo

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Does your pet get along with dogs?

Does your pet like cats?

Is your pet hyperactive? YesNo

Can your pet be picked up? YesNo

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Does your pet have the run (fly, hop, slither) of the house? YesNo

Anything else we should know: (such as how does your pet react when you are not home, additional health advisories or specific instructions)

Veterinarian Authorization

I authorize you to treat my animal(s) and I will be fully responsible for all fees and charges and will pay for all charges incurred on my behalf upon my return. I further authorize you to give out any information about my animal(s) to The Happy Pet Caregivers LLC as needed."YesNo

To whom it may concern: I have contracted for services from The Happy Pet Caregivers LLC during my absence and authorize them to act on my behalf to request emergency veterinary treatment and services if deemed necessary. I accept full responsibility for charges incurred in the treatment of my pet(s). YesNo

* I've read and accept the Policy & Procedures YesNo