Policy and Procedures should be read and then accepted on all online forms.

Please sign and return the acceptance form along with the following forms.

The first form consists of a general household form. One is needed for each household.

The next form is information on each pet that will be cared for. A separate form for each pet is required. A separate form is not necessary for fish or groups of animals such as chickens or mice.

The final form is the Veterinarian Authorization Form. This is very important for you to fill out. If something happens to your pet that requires immediate attention, your caregiver needs permission to make decisions for your pet. You may indicate on the form any special instructions in the event of an emergency. If you change vets, a new form must be filled out.

Please complete the forms online or contact us at

The Happy Pet Caregivers LLC
PO Box 680
Grantham, NH, 03753